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Our Magic Town & Sayulita Central Hotel...

Nestled along with one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Sayulita is an officially designated “Pueblo Magico” (Magic Town) a title awarded to those communities that over time have maintained their original architecture, traditions, history, and culture.

With easy access to Puerto Vallarta and the international airport, Sayulita is the best spot to “get away from it all” and fully immerse yourself in Mexico’s incredible culture of food, surf, and music.

Sayulita Central Hotel was the first beach hotel built in this little stretch along the Pacific Coast — with the first pick of the land, we got our name for a reason. While the town has grown up in time with a wide variety of vacation accommodation, there is still none more ideally placed at the center of town as our boutique hotel.

We are an excellent budget-friendly beach bungalow hotel. Bring your surfboard, yoga mat, lover, best friend, or even furry friend (yes, pets are allowed!) and enjoy what Sayulita has to offer.

Our well-connected staff of locals are ready to set you up with whatever activities you desire to complete your vacation itinerary — though we highly recommend leaving the room to let our Pueblo Magico do its thing and surprise you with all it has to offer that you’ll never find in a guidebook.

Our Concept

“While so much of the world is in a hurry to modernize, Sayulita Central Hotel seeks one goal: to maintain the spirit of “Old Mexico”, our roots, from when we were one of the first hotels in the Sayulita plaza. As a historical structure, we have updated the rooms to be comfortable but have avoided adding the excessive amenities so many deem necessary, aligning with our belief the purpose of a vacation is to unplug and relax. We hope to infuse your stay here with the feelings of before: when Sayulita was just a sleepy, unknown fishing town.

“We understand this type of accommodation isn’t for everyone. However, for those seeking a simple, affordable, authentic Mexican vacation, you will find all that just steps from the beach at Sayulita Central Hotel.”


We recognize that not every vacation to Sayulita is entirely work-free, unfortunately, but what better place to call your “office” than Sayulita Central Hotel? Located on the second floor, our breezy, open air communal living room has been turned into a co-working space with ample seating, WiFi, and plenty of space to let you focus while still feeling those vacation vibes.

Our goal is to take care of what you need so you can fully enjoy what you want!


Location, location, location.
Hotel Central is one of Sayulitas most historic landmarks for being the first bed in breakfast in Sayulita. You can’t beat its location in this busy little town. Everything is right there coffee, food, spa, beach, plaza, and convenience stores all at a walking distance. I love staying here. In my last visit during this pandemic times it was nice to be able to retire to safety, bathroom and regroup in a snap. I found myself mostly picking up take out and eating overviewing the town. Nothing like not having to think of how to get to your place save yourself the pain of having to walk climb or drive home. Parking is insane. I highly recommend Hotel Central perfect beach spot. I’ve stayed in many rooms and found the noisiest but most party friendly room with an extra bed la Islitas. My second favorite is San Blas room it has a very relaxing porch you can hear the waves and is well is less noisy and does have a mini fridge. If you want to treat yourself to the best Agua Azul is the penthouse that and also has a porch you can hang in and big enough to do yoga, fridge and is the most spacious and of course has the best view. Recommendations bring your toiletries and portable speakers and earplugs just in case. Usually I don’t have a problem with the noise, but just in case.

-Angelica Valdez

If you want to have a REAL what its like in Mexico experience, this is it. The staff here is genuinely glad to have you and serve you. If you are picky that everything has to be just so, or you are used to being treated a certain way in the States, this vacation is probably not for you. What you are getting is the BEST they have and can do for you,and welcome you enthusiastically. When you come here,come with an open mind for the experience and not the frills. I have friends that I would not bring here, others would absolutely get "it"and have a great time here as I did. People here live simpley and are happy.......think about that! Come here gracious and respectful,take in the sights,sounds and way of live here and you will go home with a deeper appreciation of this place. I LOVE IT HERE!

-Bob C

Very pretty hotel in the heart of 'downtown' Sayulita. Less than one block from the beach and surrounded by tons of great restaurants. A very friendly and helpful staff made our stay here wonderful. My only concern about posting this review is that I'll try to come back to this hotel next year and find it completely booked up!

-Stephan Kesting